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Hunting Setup List

Recommended Gear by Level

Level 1-4:

  • Anything you can pick up that works with Damage, Attack and/or Health you need attack above say 16 in order to kill the monsters successfully, health at least 10+ damage to be 18+ best works if your damage is 20+. At level 4 you can grab the Frostbite set or if you wanna wait another level work with Frostbite and Infernus set. Also for primary weapon use the Stone Headed Hammer.
Level 5-10:

  • As Level 1-4 but use Infernus set.  Use anything from quests main source of xp when low levels and main source of equipment . Use the primary weapons choice from before until you get to lvl 6 then use the Piercing Blade , it's better to get something above average. Grab a Crest Shield and when you get to level 7 grab a Amethyest ring.

Level 10 - 19:

  • Level 10-12 still working with the set above or if you have fsp to work with try the Ragghzas set.
  • At level  12 use the Lokors set. with random stuff around it. it doesn't matter what you use as you will have enough to one hit and should be protected from death.
Level 20-50:

  • Plague set.  Works well into the 50s.   You will easily have enough to one hit with just this set. but pick up random things along the way even better to get the quest items in the area as you pass through .
Level 50-59:

  • Lesser Santork set with Plague armor and boots. Again Random stuff. Can be used till later on but will definitely have to change at 80. You can try Cockatrice but Lesser is by far the best. It lasts longer.
Level 60-77:

  • Thonomoths set with Lesser Santork Hat, Khale set and the Rune of Omar.
Level 77-79:

  • Thonomoths and Darklore sets along with Lesser Santork Hat and random boots

Level 80-89:

  • Deep with Darklore set with random items around it. Doesn't matter you should be fine.
  • Deep with well past 100 or so, maybe longer.
Level 90-110:

  • Decay set with Deep Hammer and Deep Shield. Random items set up around it You can choose to put darklore around it. but make sure to keep the full decay set. OR
  • Deep set with Golden Cockatrice with some Darklore items.

Level 110-119

  • You can choose to stay with either of the combos explained above or You can now switch to the Full Moon set. w/ For this level you need Damege and Attack so use with Deep Gloves, Decay Helm, Amulet of Draplo, Decay Rune, Boots of Almar. but you do need some armor so I suggest Ring of Talcast.
Level 120-134

  • Decay and Mancrusha with Deep Hammer and Deep Shield OR
  • Deep and Mancrusha
  • For Level 121, use an Ethereal Demon Sword instead of the Deep Hammer
Level 135-139

  • Mancrusha with Flaming Baron if there is anything left out fill it with high attack and damage gear; you will need it in the 140s. If you want until then get a bit of defense with the Gloves of Jarsar
Level 140-149

  • Mancrusha and Flaming Baron. High Damage. High Attack and High Armor. 850+ Attack same with Armor more the better. 1750+ Damage.
Level 150-159

  • Cu Sith with Santork Hat and Reindeer Antlers also with parts of the Mancrusha set. OR
  • Vexus with Cu sith I don't recommend this set but it works. If you want to cut back on the dying then use the first combo. You need about 1K armor for these levels. But still need tons of Damage.
Level 160-174

  • Either of the above combos but with modified. Put Void in there. Full set is up to the user or the guild. With the first combo full set of Void is advisable
Level 175-200

  • Banshee with Cu Sith. Fully forged is recommendable but only 2 times forged is need to survive. Also with a Void Ring. again Fully forged is recommendable for you need Damage. I stayed with this one until 200. But Level 180  Cu Sith with Cursed Samurai set. Also with some parts of Banshee. Level 190 I recommend using the first combo but if you want to go for Pvp or feel like taking the defensive way I would use Witch's set. If you go the defensive way make sure to have plenty of attack and damage. I would team up Witch's w/ any of the combos above.

Level 200-219

  • For the most Damage go for the Cu Sith Cursed Samurai and Banshee combo OR 
  • Tarbidas Spider and Lezhal sets. Also place a Banshee Helm, Banshee Boots and Iron Ring of Fenaz around this combo. You need high Armor High Attack and High Damage. OR
  • Full Cursed Samurai set with Tarbidas Spider except the weapon for Spiders and Lezhal and last but not least Banshee Boots.
Level 220-224:

  • Armor Stage. Armor + Attack 1.3K+ is recommended.  Use the fist combo from before. This combo is more recommended then the defensive course.
  • Defensive Stage.  Defense of 2K+ is recommended but 1.5K should suffice. Attack of 1K+ is needed in order to survive but keep some damage. Check out the Witch's set OR the King Au Xenah (KAX) set After that grab any high defensive gear and high attack gear you can.
Level 225-234:

  • Hunter set along with Tarbidas Spider set except the weapon replace that with the Inferno Hammer. grab the Seers Glass Ball OR Diamond of Koyzu. Damage, Attack and Armor is what you need for these levels.
Level 235-249

  • Steep Nojor with Hunter set and parts of Vashku OR
  • Hunter with Vashku along with Steep Gauntlets and Diamond of Koyzu.

Level 250-279
  • Steep Nojor with Cacus along with Diamond of Koyzu and Ring of Whiteloa. OR

  • Greater Santork set with Sabercat Armor, Sabercat Boots, Ring of Hunter, Ragnok Shield and Diamond of Koyzu.  This has been proven to work until 300 at least. for some people.

Level 261-

  • Ragnok's a good set if the right items are placed around it...of course that means one would have to be ok with going with Armor, rather than Def.
  • At (270)- Same as above just switch some things out for the Horned Gods Set.
Levels 254-362

  • Just refer to this its already set up. I get it all on to this on a later date.
Level 280-299:

  • As above or work with Destroyer set.

Level 420-483
  • Argus Set, Master of Magic Spear, Doth Blade (Left), Crushing Fist Ring, Sphynx Helmet. Requires essentially "full out" offensive buff packages and potions.

For Hunting Setup Lists using smashing hammer and coordinated attack for maximum damage for levels 300 up visit



1-Hit Killing

  • Your Attack stat must be greater than the monster Defense stat.
  • Your Damage stat must be greater than the monster Hit Points + Armor.
2-Hit Killing with Limited Death (Level 140+)

  • Your Attack stat must be greater than the monster Defense stat.
  • Your Damage stat must be greater than the monster (Hit Points + Armor) / 2.
  • In addition you need one of the following:Your Defense stat must be greater than the monster Attack
  • Your Armor stat must be greater than the monster Damage

  • Piercing Strikes and Critical Hits can still kill you even with this setup.  Thus the "Limited Death" label.  Also, the Arterial Strike buff will give you more XP if you are 2+ hitting.
  • Look at the levels ahead of you.  Usually you can find a setup that will protect against death via armor or defense but it is key to know which one to use and have the gear ready.
Suicide Hunting (Level 140+)
  • Attack greater than Defense.
  • As much damage as you can scrape out of gear to get as close to the 1-hit criteria: Damage > Hit Points + Armor.
  • Accept that if you miss or fail to kill the creature in 1 hit, you will likely die unless a defensive buff kicks in to save you.
  • As many buffs as you can get at the highest level you can get them from other players or through potions
  • Offensive / Special Buffs:Dark Curse to reduce creature's defense.
  • Berserk to increase your damage.
  • Enchant Weapon to increase weapon stats.
  • Wither to reduce monster's hit points.
  • Death Wish to immediately kill a creature.
  • Spectral Knight to reduce creature's armor.
  • Shatter Armor to reduce creature's armor.
  • Keen Edge to increase your attack if necessary.
  • Death Dealer to increase your damage.
  • Holy Flame to increase your damage if hitting Undead creatures.

Defensive / Protection Buffs
  • Summon Shield Imp to avoid a few deaths
  • Shockwave to avoid a creature hit if you do fail to kill the creature on the first hit.
  • Last Ditch to help avoid a death.
  • Force Shield to absorb hits and help avoid death.
  • Dull Edge / Enchant Armor / Sanctuary / Constitution can all help if you are nearly at the 2-hit death avoidance criteria.